Oral Histories

The Tennessee Supreme Court Historical Society, in conjunction with the Tennessee Bar Foundation, has interviewed former members of the Tennessee Supreme Court on such wide-ranging topics as their childhood, why they chose to become lawyers, law school experiences, their early legal career and more. Below is a list of the interviews accomplished to date:

  • Justice E. Riley Anderson interviewed by Dalton L. Townsend
  • Justice William M. Barker interviewed by T. Maxfield Bahner
  • Justice Adolpho A. Birch, Jr. interviewed by Justice Martha Craig Daughtrey
  • Justice Robert R. Cooper interviewed by Justice William M. Barker
  • Justice Martha Craig Daughtrey interviewed by Justice Cornelia A. Clark.
  • Justice Frank F. Drowota III interviewed by George T. Lewis III
  • Justice Lyle Reid interviewed by J. Houston Gordon
  • Justice Penny J. White interviewed by Charles W. Swanson

To listen to these fascinating interviews, click here.