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The Board of the Tennessee Supreme Court Historical Society is a working board. All donations and membership dues go directly to the Society's projects. Consequently, the Society does not employ an executive director. So if you have any questions or need to contact us, please feel free to contact one of our officers.


Hal Hardin
Hardin Law Office
211 Union Street, Suite 200
Nashville, TN 37207
Telephone: 615-369-3377

President-Elect and Secretary

Linda Knight
Gullett, Sanford, Robinson and Martin, PLLC
150 Third Avenue South
Suite 1700
Nashville, TN 37201
Telephone: 615-244-4994 Ext. 248


Fred DeCosimo
Decosimo, CPA
Tallan Financial Center
Suite 1100, Two Union Square
Chattanooga, TN 37402
Telephone: 423-756-7100


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